Thursday, February 2, 2012


As the weekend grows near, I'd like to share a video that makes me a little bit happy to be from Saskatchewan. I suppose it could be a worse thing, though - being from here. I don't recall a single part in the video that shows us as a province being mean, fake or up to douchebaggery. That's something to be proud of, even if it makes us all look like simple-minded idiots. A bit brisk - yup. Brisk.

Friday, January 20, 2012


This past weekend Daniel Radcliffe hosted SNL. The fact that Harry Potter himself does a convincing American accent isn't why I'm bringing it up. It's because of a slam dunk sketch titled 'You Can Do Anything!', in which two hosts invite various unknown Internet 'stars' onto their show and allow them to showcase their talents. The jokes don't come from the actual guests themselves as much as they do their attitude towards being part of the YouTube generation - a generation filled with people who forgo all skills and recognition that working hard and failure is a part of the road to success.

Even though I have two blogs and Youtube videos and Facebook and Twitter (blah, blah, etc.), I know there's a difference between having content show up when you Google yourself and being successful. Justin Bieber gained his start because of a few videos he posted on YouTube, but it's not why he's ingrained in pop culture today.

While there's an exaggeration in the SNL sketch itself, the old adage still applies today: It's funny because it's true.

*PS: Sorry for the quality of the video. Once a higher quality version is available for embedding, I'll update the post.

*PPS: On an unrelated note, I'll be selling autographed pictures of myself for $100 a pop. Better get them now before I hit it really big and they become too expensive for the average consumer.